B R I N G I N G   B A C K   T H E   M E N
(Have you ever heard anyone ask that question in the church? )
God has always had a plan for men. But most men do not know what God's plan is. That's one reason why we have men behaving the way they do today. Real men accept God's higher standard and rejoice in the challenge of becoming Godly men.
Where are the men in church today?
We can come together and do this! 
Yes we can!
At Morning Star, the men have come together and embarked on our journey to Authentic Manhood*. Too many men have sought and found what they believed to be easier ways of becoming men. God is the only one who has the ability to help us realize our true potential in Him. Men who are Christian, and taking care of their household, and setting the example before their sons and daughters. Men who have a family that is proud of their father. 
BBTM is an effort to bring men back to God, and back to church. We must educate one another in the Word of God, and then take action based upon God's Word. We will then experience the trans-formative power of God through His word. God will change our heart and we will start becoming the true men God intended for us to be in His Word. Why not come and join us in our journey? You have nothing to lose and heaven to gain.