B I B L E   S T U D Y
    Bible Study is meant to be a time where we can separate ourselves from the everyday concerns of providing for ourselves and our families, and focus in on God and our relationship with Him. As the Bible says, we are the sheep of His pasture and He has given us 66 pastures in which to graze. 

    As His word says, "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me...", and that is exactly what we aim to do. Our Bible Study is not so deep we get bogged down in the Hebrew of the Old Testament or the Greek of the New Testament. Yet we go deep enough to make a profound application to everyday life. 

    Sometimes we will also study through a selected teaching by a noted Christian author who has produced a book study on topics such as "Breaking Intimidation" or "The Bait of Satan" by John Bevere. The more we know the better we can do for our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Come join us on Wednesdays at either 12 noon or at 7:00PM. You will be blessed and will grow in your knowledge of God the Father, Jesus His son, and the Holy Spirit.