And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not faint;
Luke 18:1 
Join us every Wednesday at 6:30PM for Prayer Meeting.
H O U R   O F   P O W E R
As with any Christian church, the most important meeting is prayer meeting. Unfortunately it is also true that prayer meeting is one of the least attended meetings of the church body. 

We began our Prayer Ministry in 2009 meeting together for one hour of prayer. Participants were given a prayer journal to log all prayer requests as well as when they were answered. This had a profound impact upon each participant as they began to see the hand of God moving in their prayer life. 

Morning Star began moving forward in leaps and bounds as this ministry became a driving force within the church family. We began meeting twice per month just to come together to pray. The enrichment of the participants is difficult to explain, but the Holy Spirit was there for each meeting. 

Our meeting eventually gave rise to our 8:00AM worship service which began in January of 2016.
We now gather every Wednesday evening before Bible Study to engage in prayer. Come on out and join us as we make supplication unto the one true God.