Welcome to the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church website. If you are searching for a church home, a church for your family, a place for worship, or a place where you can hear the preached Word of God and your soul can be fed, we hope you will give serious consideration to Morning Star. 

Peruse our website, come out and meet us, and/or arrange a meeting with our Pastor. We hope you will enjoy who we are, and who we worship. We are a growing church with a rich history so come on out and experience the worship!
Beginning January 2016 we worship Sundays at 8:00AM and 11:00AM. We do not have to dress up for our worship services, however we are encouraged to give our best for the Lord. We sing both hymns and gospels during our services, and we offer communion once each month. We handle tithing differently than most traditional baptist churches in that we have installed tithe boxes by our main doors of entry. All members are encouraged to tithe and give an offering like the Bible illustrates. Jesus stood over by the treasury and beheld how the people cast in as they entered the sanctuary to worship. We do this the same way, paying our tithes and giving our offerings as we enter the sanctuary to worship and to be encouraged in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.
N E W   T O   M O R N I N G   S T A R
We currently have four choirs which render music for our services. We sing hymns, gospels, and some contemporary Christian music. Our choirs are led by a truly gifted musician in our Minister of Music. All our songs and music are Christ centered. 
Our pastor believes in the method and power of expository preaching. He will preach through books of the Bible, topical series, and even sometimes assume the role of the main character in the Bible story as he breaks forth the bread of life. Preaching is one of his passions! He works to train the associate ministers serving under him ensuring they have opportunities to exercise and develop their gift as well.
Children of all ages are welcome at Morning Star. We have our youth department broken into 3 age groups separating the very small children, the bigger boys and girls, and the teenagers. We have collective activities as well as individual activities for each age group. One of our goals is to establish an annual youth retreat where we can really sit down with our youth and teach them the Word of God.

We also have a Children's Church for ages 4 to 12. Here the gospel is explained to children in a way that they can more easily understand. Our very own Sister Veronica Reed has worked tirelessly to bring out a very successful program. All of our teachers are certified locally through the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Durham, NC.
Becoming a part of our family is very easy. Here are the simple steps:

1. Walk down the aisle during the invitation period of our service. Fill out a membership form so the office will have your information.

2. Join by one of the following methods:

  • As a candidate for baptism if you have never received Christ as Savior and Lord, and be baptized (non-Christians only)
  • By statement of faith (Born again Christians, already baptized, seeking a new church home.) 
  • By letter from any church of like faith (born again Christians, already baptized, seeking a new church home.)
  • By restoration provided fruit of repentance is shown by his or her life (born again Christian, already baptized, reuniting with the church body.)