S U N D A Y   S C H O O L
    Sunday School is a major focal point of learning for today's Christians. It's sad to admit, but in many churches today Sunday School is better attended than mid-week Bible Study. Our Sunday School at Morning Star is extra special because of the effort that goes into our teacher preparations. All Sunday School teachers are required to attend a special Sunday School Teacher Preparation Class on Saturday mornings. During this class, all teachers work together to review the lesson and discuss particular teaching points of the lesson. Questions are asked and answered during the class time, as well as techniques for teaching particular points to different age groups. 

    When you come to Sunday School, you are greeted by a teacher well prepared to teach the lesson for each Sunday. And since all classes are teaching the same lesson, it makes for great family discussion after Sunday worship while driving home. As we grow, there is always a need for more Sunday School teachers, and back up teachers for each class. If you are interested, talk with the Pastor or any Sunday School teacher and we will direct you to the preparation class to begin your training. 

Our class groups are: Children, Juniors, Teenagers, and Adults
    We look forward to seeing you on Sunday! Come on out and be blessed as you grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ and what He has done for each of us. Then stay for 11:00AM worship where your spirit will be encouraged and uplifted.